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AS MEN IN THE WESTERN WORLD, how do we choose to live? Our world is literally dying for the awakened masculine. Can we evolve beyond our conditioned masculine roles and live the lives we’re meant to live? How can we move through fear, failure, and family patterns to open our hearts? And once the heart is open, how will it connect to our sexuality? Body, sex, heart, mind, spirit—how can they dance harmoniously together? How can we interact with women and fully honor our masculine nature? And how can we connect with or create a community guy coachingof men that can support us in embodying the mature, awakened masculine on this planet?

These questions and more are explored in Awakened Masculine men's groups. Led by Jim Benson, these weekly evening intensives are designed to open the mind, heart and body, and allow the arising of the authentic masculine in each participant.

One of the best ways to make positive, lasting changes in your life is to spend a period of time with a group of conscious fellow travelers. This isn't to say that there's not value in a weekend workshop; in fact, sometimes that's just the ticket to breaking through stuck places in your psyche. But how will you integrate those amazing insights you just experienced? And how will you track and shift your old habit patterns as they inevitably arise?

Awakened Masculine men's groups are an environment where you can befriend your "shadow" masculine, bond with a group of aware dudes, and begin playing the game of life at the level that you were designed for.

The Four Pillars of the Awakened Masculine Program:

  1. Trust and safety – building a container to allow the deeper self to bloom.
  2. Movement and energy management – keys to fully entering and enlivening the body.
  3. Ongoing, personalized challenges – essential for changing temporary "states" into integrated traits.
  4. Resting in focused presence – an opportunity to imbibe the essential masculine nutrients of silence and spaciousness.

Participants in ongoing Awakened Masculine groups decide on intentions and challenges that will bring them the greatest benefit. Within that intention, each man will be held to his leading (but not bleeding) edge.

Also offered are get-in-your-body practices, silent sitting, and occasional themes (like "dad" or "death") that turn into dyads or group interactions. But the heart of the group is the mysterious, alchemical process that blends each man's presence, each man's desire to change for the better, and each man's willingness to love even when it gets tough. It's a great way to change!

Ongoing Awakened Masculine groups are limited to eight men. Occasionally seats become available in existing groups and qualified men will be offered those seats. What is "qualified"? Start by reading the To Join or Not page. Then, contact Jim for a phone interview.

For more about Jim Benson's one-on-one coaching work, visit

Tuesday Evening Marin Men's Group

The Tuesday group meets weekly in Novato and is designed for men who have already taken steps in their own personal growth. Participants will experience the many benefits of long-term connections with other conscious men.

The Awakened Masculine Tuesday night men's group is currently full. If you're interested in having your name on the waitlist, contact Jim.

The Multi-Orgasmic Lover Training

Jim's Multi-Orgasmic Lover program is getting rave reviews for helping men experience breakthroughs in the bedroom. Click here to watch the Multi-Orgasmic Lover video.

Sex and Relationship Coaching with Jim Benson

Jim has a limited number of slots available in his coaching schedule for men who want counseling with sex and relationship issues. Click here to visit Jim's coaching website and learn more about his individual work with men.




Band of Brothers

band of brothers

If you've found it difficult to find and maintain healthy, conscious connections with other men, the Awakened Masculine program may be for you. If you're interested, check out the To Join Or Not page, then call or email Jim today to set up a 20-minute phone interview.


Great Reflections

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One of the important benefits of participating in an Awakened Masculine men's group is the chance to see yourself in a new light. You may be surprised at the clarity and power of the reflections you'll receive from the other men in the group.