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The Awakened MasculineBoot Camp Weekend

A 3-day workshop for men who want more pleasure, passion, and presence in bed

Guys, do you have a sneaking suspicion that there’s more available to you in the bedroom? More passion? More pleasure — for you and for her?

You’re not alone. Almost every man I talk with has experienced a hint of what might be possible. But he doesn’t exactly know how to achieve it in a consistent, reliable way.

If you’re like the thousands of guys I’ve worked with, chances are you fall somewhere on the Sexual Mastery Spectrum:

  STUCK     >>

Anxious about sex

Insecure about performance

Afraid of intimacy

   <<     FLATLINING    >>

Feeling disconnected

Bored in bed

Unwanted aloneness


Becoming multi-orgasmic

Desire for authentic relating

Embodying sex as a healing force​

​Let’s be honest: Most of us guys want to feel more confident about ourselves as lovers. We also want to have consistently awesome sex! When something’s not working in the bedroom, we often feel like failures and blame ourselves.

But the truth is, it’s not your fault!

Given how screwed up our culture is around sex, you weren’t taught the truth about intimacy and pleasure. You weren’t taught how to truly turn a woman on. You definitely weren’t taught how to be an epic lover. 

The good news is, no matter where you are on this spectrum, there is a way forward to Awakening Your Masculine. To know how to create potent sex with a woman you truly desire. To trust your sexual skill and power. To be the man she cannot resist. And most importantly, to be the man that you know, deep down, you are ready to become…

Learn how to dominate her with heart!

Introducing TheAwakened Masculine Boot Camp Weekend 

Hi. I’m Jim Benson. Over the past 13 years, I’ve shown thousands of guys how to achieve more sexual confidence, experience more pleasure and have more fun as “manimals” in the bedroom. In fact, I’ve committed my life to doing this. And that’s why I’ve created the Boot Camp Weekend: To help you take your sex and relationship life to the next level.

The Boot Camp Weekend is the sexual education you wish you had growing up. (Truthfully, it’s the education I wish I had growing up!) But it’s not too late. It’s never too late to fully Awaken your Masculine and have the ecstatic sex and deep intimacy you desire.

​How am I so confident I can help you? Because I’ve walked a hundred miles in your shoes.

I know the pain of sexual shame and inadequacy

I know what it’s like to:

· Come from a strict religious family where sexual repression was served for breakfast, lunch and dinner

· Feel isolated and alone as a young person with no guidance about sexuality

· Be a clumsy teenager — embarrassed and so full of fear that I didn’t have intercourse until my early 20s

· Experience “sexual flatline” with my live-in girlfriend (only having sex once every 2-3 months)

· Stand by impotently as my fiancé moved out of our home to be with another guy

· Become depressed for months at a time about my lack of sexual interactions

Because of these experiences as a child, teenager and young man, I had zero confidence about my sexuality. I wasn’t even sure what “confidence” might look like!

Then, on a whim, I went to a men’s group

Much to my amazement, I realized I wasn’t alone. More than one guy in the group had a story like mine. I was inspired: If I ever figured out this “sex stuff,” I would pay it forward and help other men get out of the pit of sexual inadequacy I knew so well.

I became a man on a mission

Determined to learn everything I could about being a truly great lover, I spent the next decade and tens of thousands of dollars on workshops and one-on-one coaching so I could study with the world’s best sexual educators.

Over time, I learned how to last as long as I wanted to in bed

I discovered how to bring a woman to orgasm after orgasm over and over again. Not just with my hands and mouth (although I did become skilled at this), but through intercourse, too — which is what women really want.

Instead of heading to bed feeling insecure and anxious, I climbed in next to her feeling excited, sexy and confident, knowing I could bring her more and more ecstatic pleasure every night we spent together. There’s nothing quite like seeing a woman look at you with total awe, adoration, and love after you’ve given her a night of body-quaking orgasms!

I finally felt satisfied with myself as a sexual man.

I could walk around in the world as a confident and sexually alive man. I stood with more strength in my spine. I felt more connected to those around me. And I found that many other aspects of my life began to benefit from this unique personal power.​

I never forgot my promise to help men who were struggling to make sense of their sex lives

To that end, I attended a tantra teacher training. I then began co-leading tantra events in the U.S. and Europe with the woman who brought tantra to the West, Margot Anand (author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy). I also studied extensively with a number of other teachers and organizations, including David Deida, The Human Awareness Institute, and MORE University.

In order to acquire more tools to help men overcome their unhealthy sexual patterns and beliefs, I went back to school to train as a counselor, and also became a Professional Certified Coach. 

And even though I’ve had dozens of breakthroughs in my sexual life, I’m still learning and growing. I’m continuously exploring my “sexual edge,” and learning what it means to be a Sexually Integrated Man myself.

I’ve committed my life to helping men have breakthroughs in the bedroom

For over a decade I’ve been leading weekly men’s groups in the San Francisco Bay area. And now, after working with thousands of men, I’ve taken everything I know about the power of men’s groups along with the wisdom I’ve gained coaching guys one-on-one and put it all together for you in this 3-day training.

TheAwakened Masculine Boot Camp Weekend 

September 8-10, 2017

Friday 10am-6pm

Saturday 9am-6pm

Sunday 9am-5pm


EarthRise Retreat Center at IONSPetaluma, CA

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The Boot Camp Weekend is for you if:

  • You’re no longer willing to tolerate a less-than-satisfying sex life
  • You want to increase your sexual confidence 
  • You’re ready to be free of shame, old sexual habits, and compulsive behavior
  • You view sexual challenges as a path to personal growth
  • You want to be more connected to your passion and know how to use it in service to the world (in a culture where our leaders are NOT!)

“…a rare opportunity…”

The Boot Camp Weekend was a rare opportunity for me to connect with masculine sexual power in a way I never have. The presentations, circling with other men, and experiential processes all served to re-harness my masculine energy and use it to bring change to stubborn hang-ups and fears I’ve struggled with for years. Just do it!

Matt PollarDDentist

“I have realized my deepest desires, thanks to my work with Jim…”

“I’m a world-class headhunter and am a professional at recognizing and evaluating human potential: heart, talent, skill, and experience. Jim is my top candidate as a sexuality and intimacy coach. He is a full-spectrum man who has helped me and at least seven other powerful men I know personally. Jim is spiritual, compassionate, and gentle while simultaneously being powerful, connected to his body, in relationship, and fully in the world. I have realized my deepest desires, thanks to coaching with Jim and participating in his Awakened Masculine program.”


“My partners get to experience more of my strong masculine direction…”

“The Awakened Masculine Boot Camp Weekend provided a unique opportunity and a safe environment to transform my sexual shame into sexual confidence. By the end of the weekend, I felt like I joined a brotherhood of men dedicated to serving truth through their masculine power. My partners now get to experience more of my strong masculine direction and more healthy vulnerability as well.”

Rick ECHLEREvent Sales and Management

What will you experience at the Boot Camp?

We focus on 3 interconnected themes:

Me” “She” & “We

This section of the Boot Camp is all about YOU. Here’s what you‘ll discover:

  • The blueprint for becoming a Sexually Integrated Man
  • Breakthroughs that shift you out of feeling hopeless, anxious and impotent into feeling hopeful, confident and powerful
  • A dramatic increase in awareness of your needs, wants and desires — and how to best communicate them to your partner
  • A significant step forward in dissolving toxic sexual shame
  • Greater trust and connection with other men

This section of the Boot Camp is all about HER. Here’s what you’ll uncover:

  • What’s really keeping your woman from opening to you and how you can change this (using “The Feminine Hierarchy of Needs”)
  • Her pleasure zones and how to touch her so she is begging for more
  • Receive one-on-one feedback from women coaches on how they experience you (what you’ll NEVER hear from women you know)
  • Authentic ways to build trust so she surrenders to you (whether you’ve known her for 30 years or 3 hours!)

This section of the Boot Camp is all about THE 2 OF YOU. Here you’ll discover how to:

  • Immediately improve your sex using basic Tantric practices
  • Create “all-day foreplay” (and more intimacy) using specific touch and flirting techniques.
  • Use authentic communication as a form of eroticism (Honesty is sexy!)
  • Escape “performance” and “pleasing” modes to experience true communion

As we explore each of these themes, you will:

  • Break through the limited beliefs and behaviors that have been holding you back
  • Experience embodied, rubber-hits-the-road practices — not just sex and relationship theory
  • Develop connections with a community of men committed to greater sexual mastery
  • Learn tools and practices for continued use after the weekend

Our Amazing Location

The EarthRise Retreat Center at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) is housed on 194 acres of beautiful rolling hills where hiking trails meander through pristine native live oak woodlands, and the surrounding open space offers panoramic vistas of the California landscape. Special features include a beautiful permaculture garden that provides fruits and vegetables for their kitchen, a labyrinth, a hot tub, and a meditation hut nestled in a peaceful oak grove.

We’ve designed this event as an immersive “man retreat.” A chance to honor your inner masculine in residence with other men, with your room and meals taken care of. 

And speaking of meals: The chow at EarthRise is fantastic. Their kitchen team creates imaginative, eclectic menus using locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables and sustainably raised fish and fowl. (Definitely not your boring mac-and-cheese retreat center fare!) Served buffet style, lunches are vegetarian (phenomenal salads!) and dinners include fish or chicken as well as a vegetarian option.


Immediately after registering for The Awakened Masculine Boot Camp Weekend you will receive three bonuses so you can get started on the path of sexual mastery right away.

Bonus #1

The Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men Home Study Program​

A $450 value

This step-by-step program teaches you how to feel relaxed and confident in bed, with the ability to ride the waves of sensation and pleasure with your lover, knowing you are in the driver’s seat and in control of your own body’s response.

You’ll get radically different perspectives on sex and powerful tools you can put to use immediately. There are 10 modules in the program — containing over 8 hours of audio and over an hour of video — that you can follow at your own pace.​ I include 5 bonus modules as well.

Men who complete the program report: 

• Feeling more pleasure throughout their bodies during sex

• Greater ejaculatory control

• Deeper emotional connection to their partners

• Healing of shame and sexual wounding

• Greater connection to their “animal body”

• Greater confidence in and out of the bedroom

• Multi-orgasmic experiences

It is, in short, a total overhaul of your sex life! Multi-Orgasmic Lover retails for $450, and occasionally goes on sale for $197. But you get it free when you register for The Awakened Masculine Boot Camp Weekend.

Bonus #2

Membership in The Sexual Mastery Inner Circle 

A $360 (annual!) value

The Sexual Mastery Inner Circle is a private, online forum for guys who are dedicated to improving their sex lives. Most of the hundreds of members have a lot of experience with the MultiOrgasmic Lover Home Study Program (Bonus #1 above), and the Inner Circle is where they discuss their progress in the training, ask for help, share their sex and relationship issues, and support each other.

The Inner Circle is a safe place to share your experiences. The support in this group is truly amazing. I do my best to answer questions, but there are guys who are more active than I am, and quite frankly, I’m extremely impressed with the wisdom and compassion of the comments posted there.

Normally, access to this program is a membership fee of $30 per month or $360 annually. But if you register for the Boot Camp today, you will be personally invited to participate with a lifetime membership in the Sexual Mastery Inner Circle at no charge.

Bonus #3

Access to the Awakened Masculine Resource Center

A $400 value

You get unlimited access to the Awakened Masculine Resource Center. This is a password-protected area on my website with some fantastic audio, video and e-books that you can’t get anywhere else. I only make this Resource Center available to my one-on-one clients or guys who are participants in my workshops. The coolest thing is that I continually add material to the Resource Center — and you’ll always have access to it! Here’s some of what you’ll find tucked away there:

  • VIDEO: “33 Ways to Touch Her.” An entertaining 20-minute video where I demonstrate 33 different ways to touch a woman, with four sexy, lingere-clad volunteers. ​
  • AUDIO: “Teach Her to Give You Pleasure.” An eye-opening conversation with super-sexpert Susan Bratton about how to train your woman to give YOU maximum pleasure.
  • AUDIO: “Building Connection in Bed.“​ A 40-minute audio with some of my best tips on how to stoke your woman’s sexual fire in ways that she really wants, but probably can’t find the way to tell you.
  • E-BOOK: “Best Foods for Peak Sexual Performance.” A list of everyday foods with the critical nutrition that provides vitality, energy and nourishment to our sexual organs.

Hey, maybe you should register for the Boot Camp just to get the above bonuses worth over $1200!

But then you’d miss out on all the fun — and all of the growth — by participating in person in this unique weekend. So click the registration button below to join us at…

TheAwakened Masculine Boot Camp Weekend 

If you’re ready to be a masterful lover, join us!

 September 8th-10th, 2017 

EarthRise Retreat Center in Petaluma, CA

 >> $897<<

Commuter option. Three full days. Includes 7 meals.

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Special Room Deal at EarthRise

We’ve arranged a special room deal with EarthRise for a limited number of private rooms at a huge discount. Even SF Bay locals should take advantage of this deal! Staying at the rooms in the chateau at EarthRise is both a convenience (a five-minute walk to breakfast!) and a way to more fully immerse in the Boot Camp experience.

2 Nights in a Private Room

Stay in your own room at a chateau at EarthRise. 7 meals included.

 >> $997<<

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“There is a permanent difference in every sexual encounter I have because of Jim’s teaching.”

“In our coaching work, Jim took me to places that had never occurred to me. Those places taught me to explore new and exciting vistas, to be more of a man, and to become more aware of my sexual power in every situation – not just in sex. It doesn’t stop with multiple orgasms. It keeps going. There is a permanent difference in every sexual encounter I have because of Jim’s teaching.”

Ephraim MalleryCoach, Consultant

“Jim is an excellent facilitator….”

“Jim is an excellent facilitator of depth masculine work and beautifully embodies the qualities that he is teaching: presence, clarity, humor, strength, and compassion. His Awakened Masculine training helped awaken in me the power of the masculine presence.”

Mark ColemanAuthor of Awake in the Wild and Make Peace with your Mind

“I will be grateful to Jim for the rest of my life.”

Jim Benson is a remarkably gifted teacher. Through his wise, informed and heartfelt guidance, I now experience the deep pleasure of knowing myself as a sexually capable man. I no longer need to “perform” in the bedroom. Instead, I simply enjoy the intensity and moment-to-moment sweetness of lovemaking with my partner. After decades of searching, I’m coming home to the promised land. I will be grateful to Jim for the rest of my life.”

Ty B.Author, Teacher

Change the way you have sex and you can change your life!

The ripples from your sex life spread far and wide. When you create a positive shift in your experience in the bedroom, you’ll start to see the corresponding results in your work life, your social life, your spiritual life — and more. 

“I highly recommend any man who is on his path to spend time with Jim…”

“Jim is taking the men’s movement to a whole new level of self-inquiry that invites men to grow beyond the typical “harsh” male attitude, and also beyond the soft new-ager who won’t commit to anything. With the many tools he has developed, Jim shows how to blend within ourselves the strong masculine (who is not afraid to impregnate the world with the light of his conscious mind and body), and the nurturing feminine. I highly recommend any man who is on his path to spend time with Jim and his Awakened Masculine program. My life has changed since doing so.”

Peter EdwardsGeneral Contractor

“My earning potential more than doubled as a result of participating in Jim’s Awakened Masculine training.”

Jim’s work creates so many powerful changes in the men with whom he works: It made me feel twice as alive, vibrant, and powerful. He reinforced my latent talents and joyous aliveness and gave me confidence to share myself fully with my friends and family — with men, women, and the world. My earning potential more than doubled as a result of participating in Jim’s Awakened Masculine training.”

Michael ClarkBusiness Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m single. Can I still participate?

Yes! The Boot Camp Weekend will transform your experience in the bedroom whether you are single, married, monogamous, partnered, polyamorous, or some unique hybrid of your own. If you are a man who wants to break old patterns of relating to women and take a giant leap forward in sexual mastery, this program is for you.

What if I don’t have the money?

I can’t tell you how many personal growth workshops I’ve attended where I took a risk to pay for it and sometimes even borrowed the money to go. But I knew the investment would pay off. I knew it was the right thing for me. And each time, the workshop paid off, I always paid back the money I borrowed, and it turned out to be so worth the risk.

If you have a knowing that this will help you grow, that this is right for you, I encourage you to go with that knowing and the money will show up. Most likely you are going to end up making more money because of the work you do here. You will emerge from this weekend a different man.

And to be honest with you? What we’re charging for this 3-day retreat is not a lot of money when you’re learning the skills of a lifetime to create breakthroughs in the bedroom that your woman will be thanking you for!

My wife says that we can’t spend the money. What do I do?

Dude, who is in the driver’s seat of your relationship? If she is, how is that eroding trust and draining the passion? You may need to show yourself and your wife that you really do want to change — and that you are doing this as a gift for both of you. Take your place behind the wheel. How might this choice alone start changing things in your relationship?

I’m concerned about time away from my family.

I get it. Time with my family is really precious, too. However, what’s it costing you to not get this kind of support? Is it worth it to you to spend a weekend away from your family to ultimately be able to return and rock your woman’s world? Spend future weekends with your woman experiencing more ecstasy than you ever thought was possible for you? Feel more present and engaged with your woman and your kids? What could this one weekend give you for the rest of your life?

I’m pretty broken. How can I know the Boot Camp Weekend will work for me?

The belief that you are broken sucks, and it impacts every area of your life. What I know to be true is that that story is very likely not true. You may feel broken but you are not. Nothing can break you, man. And when you’re in a supportive community of men that sees you as unbroken and unstoppable, everything can change for you — if you are willing to let go of the story. Are you willing to see how this story may not be true?

I don’t get complaints about my bedroom performance. Will I still get benefit from the Boot Camp?

Definitely. If you’re a guy who wants to go from “good to great” in the bedroom, the Boot Camp weekend is perfect for you. Guys who are already confident will learn to fine-tune their skills, listen more closely to the responses of their own and their partners’ bodies, and get even more of what they want in the bedroom. You’ll also learn advanced relationship skills to become more proficient with women outside of the bedroom. The Boot Camp Weekend is also a call to action for men who are ready to embody the healthy masculine in these tumultuous times.

It’s called a “Boot Camp.” Will I be forced or pressured in any way during the weekend?

The topic of sex itself can be edgy and challenging, so ​I’ve designed this weekend to be a safe space for all participants. Yes, I’m calling it a “Boot Camp,” but we’ll be exploring our challenges with compassion, empathy, and a healthy dose of humor.  Don’t let the name scare you off!

I came away from my work with Jim in touch with a creative clarity and a relaxed courageDaviD Butlein Founder, Blue Case Strategic ConsultantsThe core benefit of the Boot Camp Weekend was a direct and deep connection with my masculinity.Morgan Camp, MDFamily Medicine

Let’s Get Real….

I have no interest in you becoming some clone or model of what the “ideal masculine” is supposed to look like. There is no such thing. What I am absolutely committed to is supporting you in being the best version of you, starting in the bedroom. I’m committed to you becoming a Sexually Integrated Man.

The Boot Camp Weekend will support you in letting go of the shame you’ve been carrying and the false masks you’ve been wearing. You’ll break through outdated beliefs about what it takes to become an epic lover.

You’ll be invited to stop holding back and to stretch into being even more of the real you that wants so much more out of sex, relationships and life. And you’ll get tangible support and tools for creating the more that you desire.

And what’s even more powerful? Letting go of the “lone wolf” story: Thinking you need to figure this all out on your own. I have been facilitating Awakened Masculine men’s groups for 13 years and a huge percentage of those men told me how hungry they were for a community of men — a “band of brothers” — and how satisfied they feel now that they have had that.

I’ve dedicated my life to bringing out the best in men because I believe that now, more than ever, the planet needs men who embody conscious masculine passion and power, and who understand the best way to wield that power. This weekend is an introduction to an environment where you can befriend your “shadow” masculine, bond with a group of aware dudes, and begin to truly play the game of life at the level for which you were designed.

I hope you will join us.​

PS: If you experienced an inner “YES” as you read this page, click the button below to join us on this adventure. While I might offer this Boot Camp again, it won’t be for a while. So why wait? YOU SHOWING UP will change everything.

TheAwakened Masculine Boot Camp Weekend 

 >> $897<<

Commuter option. Three full days. Includes 7 meals.

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Special Room Deal at EarthRise

2 Nights in a Private Room

Stay in your own room at a chateau at EarthRise. 7 meals included.

 >> $997<<

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JIM BENSON has dedicated his life to supporting men in having breakthroughs in the bedroom, helping them create satisfying intimate relationships. Having overcome his own personal experience with sexual shame and inadequacy, Jim has committed his life to guiding men on the path of sexual mastery.

Jim has been leading sex and intimacy workshops in the US and Europe for over a decade. Thousands of men have overhauled their sex life through his training, “The Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men Home Study Program.” His Awakened Masculine in-person groups have helped hundreds of men make positive, lasting changes in their lives.

Jim trained as a professional coach at the Coaches Training Institute and holds the Professional Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation. He has over 4000 hours of individual, relationship and group coaching experience. Jim is also a graduate of the Interchange Counseling Program. 

A published author, he’s written 2 books and over 50 articles on the confluence of technology, art and graphic design. He was also a multi-time world champion in two different frisbee sports. Jim lives in San Rafael, California, with his wife and two-year-old daughter.

“It has been profoundly healing for me to be in the presence of a real man such as Jim. He truly embodies the important male archetypes of the King, the Warrior, the Magician, and the Lover.”

Margot AnandAuthor of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy


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