Awaken The “Animal Within”

Ignite Sexual Confidence • Ease Bedroom Anxiety • Create Authentic Connection

With Sex and Relationship Expert Jim Benson

At work you’re on your game.

But is something missing in the bedroom?

  • You have difficulty communicating and connecting intimately
  • You feel anxious about “performing”
  • You’re preoccupied with strategizing instead of responding in the moment
  • Intimacy makes you tense, self-critical, or emotionally distant
  • You don’t feel like you’re “in the driver’s seat” of your body’s responses
  • You’re unsatisfied with the quality AND quantity of pleasure & connection
  • Relationship issues are negative and repetitive
  • Erotic skills don’t come naturally to you

Get a breakthrough in the bedroom, so that you truly do have it all.

Hey guys, I’m Jim Benson. 

I’m here to take you from sexually starved to erotically fulfilled — and fully awakened in your masculinity.

I come to this coaching quite honestly. It emerged from my own painful personal experiences and lackluster results in the bedroom.

I endured a strict religious upbringing, agonizing late-blooming, and considerable confusion about women and sex. I felt repressed with sexual shame, and had no idea about the power behind my masculinity. After my fiancée left me in frustration, I made it my mission to master the sexual arena.

For the past 30 years I’ve studied sex and relationships, seeking answers to deep emotional connection and erotic fulfillment.

Over time I discovered secrets that few folks know — and created a few of my own.

Armed with this knowledge, I’ve helped thousands of men (and women) to awaken the “sexual animal within” and master their intimate life. I want you to embody these secrets, conquer the erotic part of your life, and rock your partner’s world!

The Awakened Masculine work provided a unique opportunity and a safe environment to transform my sexual shame into sexual confidence.”

— Rick E, Event Sales and Management

I’ve distilled years of research into a coaching process that gives you balls-out permission to be more in touch with what you enjoy.

This results in greater passion and pleasure throughout your entire life.

Jim’s talent for creatively applying leading-edge emotional technologies brought out my best

— Tom M, Santa Cruz, CA

A personal note from Jim…

I created The Awakened Masculine Coaching Process because I’m guessing you never had a role model to teach you how to master the realm of sex.

A realm of ecstasy that’s healthy, spontaneous, and mutually pleasing. Where you can show up as your true self. Where passionate expression is never held back. Where you have mastery over your body’s response. And you’re living the sexual life you always imagined possible.

It’s a tragedy that most of us don’t experience this ecstatic realm because sex is at the core of our being. Yet once you embody these practices it changes how you feel about yourself as a man.

You can expect to be guided through a process uniquely tailored for you that combines technical skill, compassion, sexual healing, and humor. The process is deeply rooted in both ancient and modern practices. It’s sex and relationship know-how that’s clear, interesting and fun. Come on, sex is meant to be a joyous celebration!

Like I said, it took me years of research to uncover these secrets, and even longer to design an intelligent, effective process. But you don’t have to wait that long. You’ll notice changes within weeks.


Ready to work through your sex & intimacy issues one-to-one?

Look, I get it.

For nearly all guys, sex comes with plenty of baggage, bad habits, and more than a little shame. That stuff hits right at what makes you feel like a man. So why not take action today towards a proven solution that has helped thousands?

Don’t let another day pass being stuck where you are.

My clients report mind-blowing success from their individually tailored programs… results they couldn’t achieve on their own.

More aware of my sexual power in every situation…”

“There is a permanent difference in every sexual encounter I have because of Jim Benson’s teaching. In our coaching work, Jim took me to places that had never occurred to me. Those places taught me to explore new and exciting vistas, to be more of a man, and to become more aware of my sexual power in every situation – not just in sex, but in all areas of my life.”

— Ephraim M, Boulder, CO

A deep connection with my mature masculinity…”

The core benefit of working with Jim was a direct and deep connection with my mature masculinity. It wasn’t something I could get from books or videos, although I definitely tried. Growing up I didn’t have healthy masculine models. Friends and family are now noticing that I’m showing up in a healthier way.”

— Morgan C, Tempe AZ

I feel like a more complete human…”

“I’ve worked with a number of teachers, coaches and therapists over the past 15 years and for me, Jim Benson is head and shoulders above the rest. It’s taken some time — Jim was very patient, but old habits are hard to break! — but I eventually developed a side of myself that’s very skilled in intimate connecting. I honestly feel like a more complete human, thanks to my sessions with Jim.”

— Roland N, London

You can enjoy the same results, too.

They’re yours to claim:

  • Melt away old sexual blocks
  • Regain your body’s natural, animal response
  • Get out of your head and “be here now”
  • Experience more pleasure during sex
  • Cultivate the force of your sexual energy
  • Amplify your orgasmic capacity
  • Feel more connected to your partner(s)

You need to know this…

Mastering the erotic realm is totally possible. For YOU.

So…  At what point does your frustration become unacceptable?

Ask yourself…

How much longer until your lack of sexual confidence erodes your masculinity even further?

How can you make your next intimate moment different if you don’t change something now?

You are meant to be a sexual animal.

Let that primal part of you run wild.

Then bring it to your partner so she feels safe to let loose too. Don’t waste another minute not knowing that part of yourself.

I invite you into a whole new life of pleasure and intimacy. It’s time to experience your breakthrough in the bedroom.

Will you look back with regret, knowing that you could have made significant changes today instead of months from now (or maybe never)?

Jim is a kick-ass men’s coach…

I’d go down any river with Jim Benson as my guide. Jim is a wise, intuitive, compassionate and kick-ass men’s coach. I recommend him unreservedly.

— Jonathan G, Nevada City, CA

Jim is my top candidate as a coach…

I’m a world-class headhunter and am a professional at recognizing and evaluating human potential: heart, talent, skill and experience. Jim is my top candidate as a sexuality and relationship coach. He is a full-spectrum man who has supported me and other other powerful and amazing men I know personally. Jim is awake, spiritual, compassionate, and gentle while simultaneously being powerful, male, connected to his body, in relationship, and fully in the world. His work has formed the pillars of the temple of the realization of my deepest desires.”

— Eric S, Santa Cruz, CA

I’ve never been happier…

I just married the woman of my dreams and I don’t believe that it would have happened without Jim Benson’s help and guidance. His faith in me never wavered. Jim helped me move beyond that part inside of me that didn’t think I deserved to have it all. Well, now I do. I’ve never been happier.”

James W, Baton Rouge, LA