Why The Awakened Masculine Coaching
Process Can Be the Turning Point Not Only of Your Sex Life, But Your Entire Life…

 “When you are ready to guarantee that your sex life rocks…”

You’re already successful.

You have what it takes to turn things around – frustration into triumph, fear into courage, slacking into disciplined victory

In fact, you’ve overcome challenges in every OTHER area of your life.

Finances. Fitness. Social fluency.

You know and you’ve proven that a true warrior doesn’t run from challenge.

You know what it takes to engage your inner warrior and head into battle.

And right now, as it happens with many men in your position, you are facing a private battle that is closer to home than anything you’ve faced before.

Because this challenge is not “out there” in the world.

It’s “in here.” And you’ve been struggling to find a solution.

Sexuality. Intimacy.

Mastering the erotic realm with women.

The one area you have left to conquer…

This is that final puzzle piece for you to set into place and make a masterpiece of your life.

So that your days grow buoyant with confidence and your nights open doors to the feasts of pleasure and connection.

You’re not alone.

If you’re like most men who are otherwise successful in life, you have never been taught how to master the one skillset that will bring you the kind of intimacy, fulfillment and rapture unavailable anywhere else in your life.

The realm of sex.

It’s a tragedy and here’s why:

Despite your outer success, in this one private, core area of your life, something has been eluding you. The pain of it is real… and excruciating.

If you’re single:

Even though you don’t struggle to attract quality women,

  • For some reason, once you connect intimately with them, they drift away or ghost you.
  • They clearly like and admire you, but — and I know it’s hard to admit for otherwise successful men — she’s not sexually satisfied with you.
  • Or you like her, you may even love her, but something is “off” sexually and you are the one who pulls away – though it breaks your heart to do so.

If you’re married:

Chances are you’ve already got the girl you always wanted.

But maybe it’s been a month or six months or six years since you’ve connected passionately in the bedroom. You don’t have anyone to talk about this with, but it’s true:

  • Something has dried up.
  • She feels distant in bed, but won’t really talk about it
  • She can’t be satisfied by you, and you don’t want to admit it
  • She’s complaining, and nothing you do seems to help
  • You’re complaining, and she doesn’t seem to want to try
  • Or you’ve somehow simply lost your drive to please her – even though you are grateful for her, you love her, maybe you even share a family and don’t want to lose that…

Here’s the good news:

You Don’t Have to Suffer Any More

You’re not alone, and there IS a way forward.

I’ve worked with hundreds of men, and you’d be surprised just how common your challenges are. Professionals, CEOs, men of all stripes have hired me to launch them into new heights and depths of sexual connection.

They come to me, confessing things like…

  • “I want to please her, but it feels like too much work”
  • “I’m working hard in the world. She should be more grateful”
  • “She just doesn’t seem to be into me any more”
  • “I feel taken for granted and want her to take more of the initiative”
  • “I want to feel like a man again”

Together, working inside the Awakened Masculine Coaching Process, we have found the solutions they have been longing for…

Jim, what magic did you do with my husband? Our love life had become rather routine and boring. Three weeks ago we had shockingly good sex. It might sound silly, but in the middle of it, he touched my neck in such a loving way. With sweetness and caring. Since then I’ve been much more interested in being intimate with him. We’ve had more sex in the past three weeks than we have in the past three months. I’m so grateful, and I know he is too.”

— Candice T, New York, NY

If you’re ready to get started…

The only regret my wife and I have in working with Jim is that we didn’t start earlier. If we had, we would have avoided a lot of heartbreak. Jim is an amazing “translator” between the masculine and feminine worlds. He made both of us feel so seen and “gotten.” We then started really feeling empathy and compassion each other. After that, we could start taking baby steps toward connecting sexually once again. He gave us back our marriage, and for that I’ll always be grateful.”

— Randy T., Toronto

Most of my clients got to a point in their lives when they had to face facts: The pain of NOT changing was just too much to bear. Suffering was no way to live.

They refused to give up. They were ready to enjoy the kind of sexual and erotic bliss they knew other men were experiencing…

A thousand thank-yous, Mr. Benson. You took me where my therapist could not! Your specificity around my particular failing in bed, and your “antidote,” made all the difference. The ladies are thanking you too ;-)”

— William S, Memphis, TN

Imagine that your sexual and sensual life was as rich and satisfying as the best parts of the rest of your life

As you move through the Awakened Masculine Coaching Process with me…

  • You will experience more physical and emotional pleasure
  • You will give your partner(s) far more pleasure
  • You will experience a positivity around sex you can’t even imagine
  • You will understand what “ecstatic” sexual experience feels like
  • You will begin to live a life of turn on, in a deeply heartfelt way
  • You will radiate a new kind of vitality and aliveness
  • You will engage with women (or your woman) with a new level of confidence
  • You will release parts of yourself long hidden: your playfulness, spontaneity, joy— sides of yourself that may have been lost in the rush of work, responsibility, and leadership.

You will find that you not only connect better in the bedroom, but that, like many of my clients, you will experience a new confidence that permeates your entire life— putting a new spring in your step.

Here’s what some men have said about our work together:

Jim Benson is a remarkably gifted teacher. Through his wise, informed, and heartfelt coaching, I now experience the deep pleasure of knowing myself as a sexually capable man. I no longer need to “perform” in the bedroom. Instead, I simply enjoy the intensity and moment-to-moment sweetness of lovemaking with my partner. After decades of searching, I’ve come home to the promised land. I will be grateful to Jim for the rest of my life.”

— Ty B, Spokane, WA

Jim is an excellent facilitator of depth masculine work and beautifully embodies the qualities that he is teaching: presence, clarity, humor, strength, and compassion. His Awakened Masculine work helped awaken in me the power of masculine presence.”

— Mark C, Sausalito, CA

If you’re ready to get started…

I came away from my sessions with Jim in touch with a creative clarity and a relaxed courage that came from aligning with the internal integrity I could feel, but that I had not previously been living from. This alignment opened me up to a personal immensity that is a joy for me and my wife to experience.”

— David B, Austin, TX

Sometimes the change comes suddenly and can happen during a session. Sometimes it emerges over the course of a few weeks or months.

I’m often amazed.

And if I feel like I’m talking to a totally different man than the one who first presented me with his challenge around sex, imagine what the woman or women in his life are experiencing!

Mastering Intimacy is often the Final Puzzle Piece for Successful Men

They don’t teach you this in high school or business school. You definitely won’t learn it in board rooms or elite clubs.

I’ve worked personally with hundreds of successful men and have served thousands.

And here’s a secret I’ve discovered that often lands like a punch in the gut…

The very qualities that make a man successful at work — being competitive, playing your cards close to the vest, prioritizing winning and strategy over presence — are the same ones that undermine and crush the intimacy those men crave at home.

And with the Awakened Masculine Coaching Process, you will add to your overall toolkit as a man – so that you are a rock star with your woman (women) while still a powerhouse in the world.

In fact, expanding your range in this way will make you even more effective at work. You will find that you’ve become more attuned, empathic, insightful and are now operating from a place of full power.

I’m on your side.

You may have wondered what it would feel like to have an experienced mentor on your side: A true ally who holds you to that edge so you can finally achieve the breakthroughs you want in your intimate life.

Imagine the freedom, the pleasure, the relief waiting for you. Imagine the lasting change when you get to the root of what’s been keeping you from mastering this final piece of your happy, successful life.

It’s time.

  • Are you ready to leave behind the frustration of a sex life that doesn’t measure up to your highest vision for what’s possible?
  • Are you ready to bring a new, effortless level of confidence and mastery to all your sexual encounters?
  • Are you ready to enrich your entire life by knowing that you have the skills, sensitivity and know-how to bring any woman you touch into realms of pleasure she has only dreamed of?

If you’re ready to get started…

The best part?

You have absolutely nothing to lose. And a universe of pleasure, intimacy, confidence, and mastery to gain.

Click here to set up a frank, supportive talk about what’s really going on with you.

I look forward to our time together.