Did you know:

  • A woman can orgasm when you suck on her earlobe.
  • After weeks of diligent practice, YOU can enjoy a powerful heartgasm that moves you to tears.
  • A quadriplegic experiences orgasm only using breath and visualization.

What do these experiences of pleasure have in common?

Well, they’re definitely outside of the “normal” definition of orgasm. More specifically, the people involved are using “alternative energy pathways” to conduct pleasure through their bodies in novel ways.

If you’re practicing my MultiOrgasmic Lover program regularly, you’re already benefiting from this process as well. That’s awesome!

But how might you use these alternative energy pathways to give your woman more pleasure, too?
Here’s my three-step process that will drive her wild:

  • Be present physically.
  • Find the line of energy.
  • Love her like crazy.

Let’s apply these steps to a real-life example that you can use right away.

Imagine you’re with your woman. Clothes have come off. You’ve been making out while caressing her breasts, and now she’s making it clear that she’d like your mouth on her nipples. This is a great opportunity to turn her on like never before.

Be present physically

As your mouth begins to touch the skin of her breasts, pay attention to the point of contact. Relax into the sensation. Allow yourself to ENJOY the experience of your lips and tongue on her breast flesh, her areola and her nipple. Savor the experience like a delicious dish of food.

Find the line of energy

Imagine an underlying “energy line” that runs from her nipple to her heart. Visualize that line glowing or pulsing as you suck her nipple. Imagine that as you suck and enjoy her nipple, it’s as if you were doing the same to her heart. The “energy line” conducts all of the attention you’re lavishing on the surface and conducts it straight to the depths of her heart.

Love her like crazy

If you do #1 and #2 strictly as a technical exercise, you’ll get great results, but what takes it to the next level of pleasure for her is this: Feel the love you have for her and express it through your mouth. Do your best to do this while you continue to visualize the energy line traveling to her heart. It might help you to visualize your own energy line coming from your heart to your lips and tongue, where it connects with her mouth-heart energy line.

If you’re more of an auditory guy than a visual one, try saying silently “I love you” as you kiss her nipple. Imagine that your message of love is being carried from your heart to hers via the bridge of your mouth and her nipple. As fully as you can, FEEL the “I love you” message. Silently say the message “I love you” over and over as you suck.

Persistence is important. If you get distracted by something she does or your own thoughts, bring yourself back and focus 1) on the energy line and 2) feeling the love.

This is just one example. There are any number of energy lines in her body that you can discover and put your attention on. And you can extend your own energy lines through your hands, mouth or genitals. The possibilities are endless.

If you stick with the 3 principles of pleasuring her energy pathways, you’ll take both of you on a journey into deeper pleasure than you’ve ever had before.