Jim’s programs and offerings

For Women

What I’ve learned from working with men in relationships with women has led me to become increasingly attuned to the challenges women face in sex and intimacy.

Many women may prefer to work with another woman on these issues. But for women who wish to engage a man directly with this kind of  vulnerable material,
I provide a compassionate and truthful masculine perspective.

I invite women to work with me.


One-on-one coaching for women

I offer one-on-one coaching for women who wish to work on areas of relationship concerns, cultivating a deeper understanding of masculine and feminine sexuality, and expanding into the wild and gorgeous territory of the feminine while living in a predominantly masculine world.

Women I’ve coached have said they experience me like a caring big brother, and that the presence of an encouraging and supportive man in their lives aids them in accessing new ways of being — at work, at home, with their partners, with family, and most importantly, with themselves.

Jim is a master at what he does. He teaches a challenging subject in a way that is humble, gentle, funny and accessible. The sex exercises he teaches for men worked wonders for me, too, as a woman. I find myself practicing them every chance I get, opening up new (and yummy) channels in my body.”

— Marina S, JD, Gainesville, FL

I profoundly appreciate the opportunity to work with Jim and experience the mature, “awakened” masculine. He offers a deep, multi-dimensional container in our sessions, giving me space to explore the energetic, the psychological, the spiritual, and the sensual. Through his keen insight, his wonderful ability to articulate and illuminate masculine/feminine dynamics, and his sensitive coaching, I have been able to reveal more of my feminine nature, to see old patterns in relationship, and to experience a deeper appreciation of myself and my partners.”

— Molly B, Cape Town, SA

Jim has been a major ally for me for years. He has a high level of emotional intelligence and insight that is rare in a man. With his ability to hold a clear vision of my authentic self while he helps me navigate through emotional blocks, I am able to get back on track much easier than I can on my own. I have come to completely trust his intuitive sense. His clear communication and wonderful sense of humor makes our sessions both insightful and enjoyable.”

— Malaya R, MA, Bandon, OR